The Spirit of God has anointed and appointed us to flow in the ministries of Apostle, Prophet and Teacher. In obedience to His call, we have set up George and Ruth Ryland Ministries in order deliver the revelation of His Word that He gives us and to do this under the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our partners, our hearers and indeed we ourselves enjoy the unique anointing that the Lord has given us and we always endeavour to deliver the Word of Truth, rightly divided. Our task is to unpack the dynamics of the kingdom for the benefit of all who come under the ambit of our ministry. We confidently declare that your life will change for the better if you apply what you hear in your life.

The weight of our ministry comes from the more than thirty seven years of ministry that we have walked in. Our twenty-three years of marriage, experience and the school that God has taken us through has transformed us into a power-couple that can be instruments to benefit you. Our children Tiffinny, Calynn, Daniel and George jr. have grown up and are active in our ministry giving added impetus to the polished arrow in the bow of the heavenly Archer that George and Ruth Ryland Ministries strives to be.

Social Media

We share the Word of God on Facebook and Twitter bringing the Good News to very many people.

Written Word

We have published the following books:

Sinner's Salvation
A Wedding Ceremony for Christians
Time for Tongues

The Sinner's Salvation

A Wedding Ceremony for Christians

Time for Tongues

This is the first of nine other basic concept books for believers. Pastors will find it very helpful and preachers have a wealth of preaching material that they can glean from this book.

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This book is helpful for ministers when they do weddings and many couples use it for a handout at their weddings.

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This is a must for every born again one. In heavy demand, believers buy it, read it and then use it as a help when they go to their prayer closet.

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Spoken Word

Those interested can subscribe to our Youtube channel where Word based and Spirit filled teaching can be found

Word and Spirit Seminars

We do one day seminars that typically run for at most four hours. Teachings delivered at these events are fresh revelations that God has given us and direct ministry under the anointing. Regular attendees get grounded in the Word and learn how to maintain a constant filled with the Spirit. Fellowship follows with lovely meals and people rush to get the books we have written.

Word and Spirit Annual Conference

Our annual conference sets spiritual paths for the many that attend. All our speakers are tried and tested ministers of the gospel who bring forth a timely word for the hearers. The young people who lead our praise and worship bring forth the new trends that are in the Body of Christ. Pastors from local churches and from across the country attend wanting to receive the ‘now word’ for their lives.

Preaching Out

Churches who are hungry for the Word of God, and thirsty for the fresh waters of the Holy Spirit invite us to minister.

Where we have ministered

Apostle George Ryland is the founder of Redemption Centre International a dynamic church in the South of Johannesburg. He has pastored the church for thirty seven years. Thousands have gotten saved over the many years and gone on to serve the Lord. More than a 1000 students have completed the two year course at its Bible School and are making a difference in the world. Through its many conventions churches throughout South Africa have been impacted and we propelled into greater things.

Apostle Ruth Ryland has served faithfully in her home church Orion Church where her father was an apostle to that city, to Namibia, Johannesburg and the Northern Cape. Her sisters and her form REAL which is a singing ministry group. They are a group in high demand in Cape Town and have ministered throughout South Africa. REAL has travelled throughout the USA for more than six months ministering in churches and conventions big and small.

We have preached in many churches in South Africa who been taken forward in the knowledge of God.

In 2011, then 2012 and 2013 we travelled through the USA being hosted by churches and preaching in many of them. We also travelled to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji in 2017 where we ministered to many people in a number of churches.