Apostle George Ryland

Apostle George Ryland is known for rightly dividing the word of truth and his teaching on things concerning the Holy Spirit. He is the author of several books. After thirty seven years in the ministry he remains on the cutting edge of what God is doing today. He is regarded as a father to the local church and also to the broader Body of Christ. Apostle George continues to be in demand as a speaker.

Apostle Ruth Ryland

Apostle Ruth Ryland is known for her dynamic spirit and demand for excellence, faithfulness and fervency of spirit. She brings the wealth of knowledge and experience that she has gained in the church during her entire life. Her intercessory ministry propels the ministry into new things and her unique and powerful preaching of the Word of God is always received with joy by her hearers.

Ryland Ministries Children
George Jnr, Daniel, Tiffinny, Calynn


Tiffinny is the Director of GRRM and through her excellent managerial skills she has brought the ministry up to new levels of excellence. She is in the forefront of all our monthly Word and Spirit seminars and also of the annual Word and Spirit Convention. She works tirelessly in the background getting the products of the ministry out to where it is needed


Daniel handles all the audio/visual aspects of the ministry and ensures that the social media platforms of the ministry are making an increasing impact in the world out there. His music skills, passion for the ministry and creative personality has brought a modern dimension to the ministry that has put it on higher level.


Calynn’s music, artistic and creative skills give a flair to the ministry that sets a trend that is hard to match. Her top contemporary style is put to use in the setting of décor and backdrops for the Word and Spirit seminars and conventions. Her general design skills helps set a positive image for the ministry.

George Jnr

George Jr helps with the setting up of sets when recordings are done and is involved in all audio/visual functions. He is in the forefront of getting viewers receiving the Word of God through social the media posts of the ministry. George plays a crucial role in the general smooth running of the events of the ministry.